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Living and Ageing Well in Hepburn

On 11 July 2024, a gathering called ‘Giving Voice – Ageing in a rural community’ was held in Clunes to present a new community-based model for healthy ageing in place.

The event delivered the outcomes, many unexpected, of a ground-breaking, 12-month project in Clunes in which Central Highlands Rural Health, Clunes Neighbourhood House and Attitude. Ageing well in Clunes came together to create a Healthy Ageing Hub, trialling a new approach to improving older people's physical and psychological well-being.

Delivered by the Living and Ageing Well in Hepburn project, funded by the Western Victoria Primary Health Network under the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks Program, we are excited to share the rich harvest that awaits when you truly dig deep to collaborate.

We have gathered our reflections and resources into a Basket of Knowledge for you to dip into below.

Where We Started

When older people, a neighbourhood house and a health service sat down to discuss forming a partnership that would strengthen people’s ability to live and age well in their hometown longer, we were not 100% sure what results we’d deliver. It began with a partnership between Clunes Neighbourhood House, Central Highlands Rural Health and group of volunteers at Attitude. Ageing Well in Clunes which is both an idea about community and a community building. Key resources generated during the first stage of our project:

Giving Voice

A short film about ageing well in a small community. Starring Judi, Dayle, Peter, Linda, Carmel, Sue, Malcolm, Gill, James, Patsy, Tess, Hugh, Rod, Pauline and Lois.

A Rich Harvest

Having set out with an understanding of the World Health Organisation’s eight domains used globally as predictors of an age-friendly environment, we knew that the interplay and issues impacting on each of these attributes in communities can be complex, particularly in rural areas. What we found is that an innovative, place-based partnership can strengthen the attributes that already exist in a way that fertilises the ground for the other attributes to grow. Especially when you truly dig deep to collaborate.

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Ageing With Friends

A short film about joyfully engaging with our local community.

Starring members of the Clunes Community.

Grow Your Own

Share our harvest.

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